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Signature Cuts & Style

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The Center City Trim


Center City Trim, dust those frazzled ends & regain that smooth polished look & feel.

The Belmont Plateau


"The Plat" is a custom handcrafted wearable work of art. Let one of our experts assist you in expressing your style as well as enhancing your personal & professional image.

For Men

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The Reinhard


For when you just want to get even

The Ellsworth

$21 +

Our styled haircut, handcrafted to fit your taste

For Women

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The City Line Blowout


City Line is our signature Awapuhi Wild Ginger® wash an blow, with a relaxing scalp massage added

The Main Line Blowout


Main Line is our luxurious Awapuhi Wild Ginger® wash and blow, with a hydrating & repairing Keratin Intensive Treatment® and scalp massage

Kid's Cuts

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Boys 13 & Under

$16 +

The Lil Gents


Keep your lil man sharp w/ this classic even cut

Stylish Gent


For the fly lil guy w/ big boy style

Girls 13 & Under

$22 +

The Lil Blowout

$ 22

Our signature Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Blowout for girls under 13

Pretty Princess Dry Style


Think curls curls curls

Pretty Princess Trim


Dust of frizzy ends for a clean smooth look


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The Market Street


Our signature 4 towel, double pass shave. Relax as we take you through the paces beginning with a steamed towel. Your skin is then prepared with our Gents Beard & Grooming Oil® A rich coat of lather is applied & masterfully a single pass of the razor w/ the grain removes any sign of stubble. Another layer of Gents Beard & Grooming Oil® is applied before your 2nd steamed towel. A coat of lather, then shave against the grain, for a smooth super close shave. One more warm antiseptic towel, to clean & refresh. Then an invigorating ice towel to close pores, re-energize & get you back into the swing.

The Broad Street


Our 6 towel double pass shave is the definition of Opulence. Settle down as the age old ritual beginning with calming neck & shoulder massage takes you on a journey. First a steamed towel is applied, the skin is then prepped with Gents Beard & Grooming Oil® a 2nd steamed towel is added before a cascade of Gents Shave Soap® is worked into the beard. The first razor pass with the grain proficiently removes all stubble hairs. The 3rd steamed towel along w/ another application of Gents Beard & Grooming Oil® & a 4th steamed towel softens any gruff. Gents Shave Soap@ is generously applied before the 2nd pass of the razor leaves your face unbelievably soft, smooth & hydrated. A 5th warm antiseptic towel is used to calm & sooth the face. The invigorating ice towel, closes pores, re-energizes and serves as the 6th & final installment.